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Deanna Bush

Program and Operations Manager

Deanna is an experienced professional who brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for fostering strong alliances between academia and industry.

Deanna’s journey with the Purdue Research Foundation began in 2018, following a successful 15-year career at Purdue University, where she dedicated herself to empowering and supporting graduate students.

Deanna assumes a diverse range of responsibilities as a valuable member of the Alliances Team. Currently serving as the Alliances Manager for Life Science and Ag and Bioscience companies, she is pivotal in connecting these organizations to invaluable resources within Purdue and throughout the Greater Lafayette area. Deanna continues to support new citizens from the Work From Purdue program, which attracted over 45 remote workers to relocate to Greater Lafayette. In this capacity, she supports newcomers by introducing them to the vibrant community and its myriad activities, ultimately fostering robust connections and higher retention rates. Deanna serves as a liaison between Purdue University and program participants, leveraging her extensive network to design activities and events that provide immense value to our new citizens and corporate partners. This brief overview merely scratches the surface of Deanna’s daily responsibilities, and she welcomes any inquiries for further insight.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Deanna enjoys exploring new destinations alongside her friends and family. She revels in outdoor adventures such as hiking and is currently honing her golf skills. Additionally, Deanna enjoys hosting gatherings where loved ones can share meals in her backyard, rekindling her love for board games, experimenting with culinary creations, and diving into captivating books.


Program and Operations Manager