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We offer the opportunity to engage with the world’s leading innovators through the Purdue ecosystem. Our partners benefit from resources offered through Purdue University in research, technology, talent, and community.  Our commitment to your success begins with providing Placemaking solutions that range from a daily use desk, to a permanent office, office suite, laboratory or your own production, lab or office facility:

  • Purchasing or leasing land in Discovery Park District or Purdue Research Park
  • Leasing lab space at Kurz Purdue Technology Center, Purdue Technology Center or Ross Enterprise Center
  • Partnering to build a facility within Discovery Park District or Purdue Research Park
  • Leasing office space in The Convergence Center of Innovation and Collaboration

Our goal is to offer a space tailored to your needs allowing you to expand your footprint.


Discovery Park District is a 400-acre mix-use development embedded into the fabric of a world-renowned research institution – Purdue University. Creative and innovative minds in various sectors are combining forces to discover, create, build, fuel, make, live, and play. We’re building a tech city culture without the tech city cost of living – cultivating and retaining a diverse, agile workforce eager to accept the next challenge.


The Convergence Center of Innovation and Collaboration offers a variety of spaces and amenities for a vibrant mix of companies and startups, working alongside successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Single offices, conference rooms, training rooms, event spaces or floor plans of up to 30,000 square feet are available to lease.


As the largest university-affiliated incubation complex in the country, the Purdue Research Park unites discovery and delivery. The Park is a major player in commercialization and economic development right here in Indiana and well beyond. Through collaboration, Purdue faculty, staff and students bring cutting-edge innovation to those in most need. Our mission is simple: to serve Purdue and impact lives. Space is available in several facilities within the Research Park.